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New Weight Watchers Changes for 2020

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It’s finally here, the Weight Watchers Changes for 2020 that are actually taking place in late 2019. The new program is actually called, myWW. It all comes back to you. What foods, calculations, counting, etc. work for you and your body. You are in charge of your own health and wellness, so pick a plan that will work with how you work, live and eat. It sounds simple, but it will take some time to get used too. 

Is Weight Watchers Changing in 2020?

Yes. WW is actually changing on Nov. 11, 2019. This week is a great time to get to a meeting if you are officially enrolled in the program. If you are an online-only member you can attend a Weight Watchers Workshop this week just to find out what is going on and how the changes will work. Also, if you aren’t a current member, you can visit a workshop for free to see if you are interested in the programs. This would be a great time to take advantage of that opportunity. 

What Weight Watchers Changes do I need to know?

 It really comes down to how much tracking and accountability you want. If you want to be the “If I bite it, I write it” person that you will probably want to go Green. You will have a larger SmartPoints budget but the list of zero point foods is much smaller. You will also track and calculate everything you eat, including free foods. 

If you have had success on the current Weight Watchers Freestyle Program, by not tracking your zero point foods, eating the zero point foods, but not overindulging on them and getting a moderate SmartPoints budget that you will probably be happy doing what you are doing and go Blue.

The Purple plan is more like the old “Simply Filling” program. You get a smaller SmartPoints budget, but have a lot more free food options to choose from. Whole grain pasta, brown rice, and light bread are the biggest gree weight watchers changes. If you are in tune with your body, can follow the hunger and fullness signals and prefer whole foods over processed you will want to go Purple. 

Weight Watchers Blue 

Blue is basically the current Freestyle program with a few modifications. The Zero Points Food List still has 200+ free foods to choose from. On this program, you won’t have to track those Zero Point foods (unless you want, too). Your maximum SmartPont budget for this program will be 24 points. 

ZeroPoint Foods include eggs, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, shellfish, beans, legumes, fat free plain yogurt, tofu, and tempeh. 

Weight Watchers Purple

If you ever tried the Simply Filling Program and had success with it the Purple Program may be just right for you. Your Zero Points Food list will have over 300 items on it. 300 is HUGE! I’d think this program is going to be for those with great self-control not to eat so many of the zero point foods that it backfires on you. If you have the will power and your body is right for the whole-grain foods than team purple it is. 

You will have a smaller SmartPoints budget. The maximum points on this program will be 17. ZeroPoint Foods include eggs, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, shellfish, beans, legumes, fat-free plain yogurt, whole-grain foods potatoes tofu and tempeh. 

Weight Watchers Green

Green will be more like the original SmartPoints plan. The list of ZeroPoint foods is much smaller. It only has around 100. But your SmartPoints Budget is much higher.

On Green, ZeroPoint foods include all non-starchy vegetables and most fruit. 

You’ll have a maximum of 31 points on this plan. So if you can stick to healthy eating of the ZeroPoint foods you can eat some more of the higher fat and calorie foods with that larger SmartPoint number.

What isn’t Changing on the New Program?

Weekly SmartPoints will be the same for all plans. 

You will be able to roll over unused points from day to day. 

You will have access to the online tools and support if you pay for that part of the plan. 

You will have access to workshops and leaders for support if you pay for that part of the plan. 

How to find out more >> Visit WW online for all the information you need to succeed!

Think of the plans as teams and decide which you will join. This may take some trial and error. Right now,  you can choose any of the three new plans. You can test them out, switch back and forth and hopefully find the one that works best for you. That’s why it’s called myWW, it’s up to you to make good choices and live a healthy lifestyle. No one can do that for you. 

There will be more information and recipes for each color coming soon!

If you are still team blue, here are some resources to help you out. 

Freestyle Program Blue

Freestyle Meal Plan Blue

Freestyle Snacks Blue 

Freestyle Appetizer Recipes Blue

Freestyle Instant Pot Recipes Blue 

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