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New Weight Watchers Changes for 2022

There are Weight Watchers changes coming in late 2022 and early 2023! I know we just had a change but there is more exciting new changes on the horizon!

Weight Watchers is always working behind the scenes to find the best way to keep users happy while also supplying a framework that can guide them toward a lifetime of health. Changes happen in order to keep the plans relevant and to incorporate new findings and methods as they are studied and trialed.

Learn more below about the changes coming soon to the Weight Watchers programs and the overall system.

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Is Weight Watchers Changing in 2022?

There are some new Weight Watchers changes coming likely in 2022/2023! Every few years Weight Watchers changes the way their programs run and operate. We just had a change but they are already making plans to shift to a new system!

These changes are not just to keep up with the times but also to apply new methods, science, and methods that have been studied and proven to work.

Weight Watchers is always working to stay up to date and useful to their client which is likely why they have been around since 1963! That’s a lot of years of helping people live their healthiest lives.

It seems that Weight Watchers is going to be going back to a system that uses the same point values for everyone (except diabetics who will still have their own plan) you can read all about the patent for the new system here.

When do the plans change?

The plans will begin rolling out around November 22, 2022 and some users are already seeing changes in their apps and programs.

By the time 2023 rolls around all users and new users should expect to have encountered the new changes and be managing their programs with these new and exciting changes.

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Why is Weight Watchers Changing?

Whenever Weight Watchers changes plans there’s always clinical trials happening beforehand which is the situation right now. That is what is leading everyone to these announcements about the changes!

Along with regular plan changes that will shift us back to a platform that uses the same point values no matter who the user is or what their preferences are. They’re also reportedly designing plans that will work specifically for people with diabetes.

Another thing that is getting a change and a facelift is the Weight Watchers snack lines and their processed foods or “convenience food” items. While these aren’t the healthiest option they are certainly better than junk food when you are pressed for time.

It will be interesting to see if the new foods in their line will be healthier options or just more of the same types of snacking foods that are rebranded for the new Weight Watchers system.

New Weight Watchers Plan

That’s right, the new plan doesn’t have a title yet…I’m excited to see what this will mean for individual users.

There have been some changes already to the app which is great. There are challenges for fitness, meditation, tracking, and so much more. It has made the app more user friendly and it encourages users to actually want to use the app. Hopefully the changes and upgrades will only continue to add value to the program as these new Weight Watchers changes roll out.

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Will there still be meetings for Weight Watchers?

Some long time users for Weight Watchers are asking about in person meetings. The truth is that 90% or more members of Weight Watchers are digital. They don’t actually go to in person meetings and during the pandemic most of those meetings went digital anyway.

If, like me, you are a digital member only these days, nothing will really change for you in terms of how you access content and track your progress.

So far there are some popular theories about how the new program will be structured. I’m sharing that information here with you so you can get an idea of what you might be able to expect with these Weight Watchers changes coming soon!

The structure is rumored to be very similar to the older style plans where there was one point value for each food and then users had an individual point “limits” for the day and the week.

It seems like there will still be zero point foods like we are used to but there will be changes happening to that list as well!

What are the free foods?

The new plan will likely make these foods and groups zero point foods. You’ll notice that the more starchy vegetables are missing from that list. Some plans on the current program make those types of foods zero points but that hasn’t been working out great for a lot of users which is likely why they’re being removed from the plan.

  • non-starchy vegetables
  • fruit
  • lean poultry
  • fish
  • tofu
  • non-fat, plain Greek yogurt
  • non-fat cottage cheese
  • eggs
  • beans
  • lentils
  • peas
  • corn
  • popcorn (plain, air-popped)
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Do I have to change plans?

No! Of course not. You definitely don’t have to stop doing what works for you. You already have a plan you like? Keep with it or give the new methods a go and if it doesn’t feel like your thing just go back to what you like and what works.

For those of you who are interested in a new approach hopefully the new program will be just that! Sometimes It can be good to mix things up a bit. 

A lot of users have reported stalling or not losing weight with the personal points programs which is likely why there is such a quick turnaround for the changes in the programs. Weight Watchers is always listening and making adjustments. This is likely a result of those comments for users and reworking systems as a result of issues!

What isn’t Changing on the New Program?

Focusing on healthy eating and moving more is still important.

You will have access to the online tools and support if you pay for that part of the plan. 

You will have access to workshops and leaders for support if you pay for that part of the plan. 

You can use the app for support, tracking, and info 24/7.

How to find out more >> Visit WW online for all the information you need to succeed!

Another thing that won’t change is the fact that you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your points budget for the day and week.

Finally, you can still earn more points for exercise tho you won’t earn points for things like drinking water!

There will be more information and recipes coming soon!

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Here are some other posts about Weight Watchers plans and programs that you might find useful. As of now (Beginning of November 2022) we are still working with the Weight Watchers personal points program and you can find more info about that plan and the Weight Watchers changes below!

You can also find a more in-depth deep dive on the Weight Watchers changes for 2022 here!

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