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Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Yogurt is one of the most popular and versatile fermented milk products that you can use for all kinds of recipes. However, it can’t last in the fridge for too long. So the question is, can you freeze yogurt to extend its shelf life? 

Aside from being a tasty ingredient for baked goods, side dishes, dips, salad dressings, and desserts, yogurt is also nutritious. It has an exceptionally delicious tang and is rich in protein and probiotics. 

With all of these benefits and uses, it’s natural that you want to know if you can freeze yogurt so you can make the most out of this amazing dairy product. Whether you have accidentally bought too much yogurt or just have some leftovers, this post is here to explain everything you need to know about freezing yogurt. 

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Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Of course! Yogurt is actually easy to freeze. However, just like other dairy products like sour cream, frozen yogurt will have changes in texture when thawed. 

If you are concerned about the live and active cultures in your yogurt, the National Library of Medicine concluded that yogurt’s probiotics can survive in the freezer for a few weeks.

According to the researchers, yogurt’s healthy bacteria are thermophilic. This means that they are killed at higher temperatures but they thrive under optimal temperatures. 

What happens if you put yogurt in the freezer?

Freezing causes the protein networks in yogurt to collapse which results in the yogurt releasing water. Once frozen, the water separates from the milk solids. 

This is the primary reason why thawed yogurt is grainer and thinner. After thawing, you can give it a good stir so the texture can get a little better. 

Although it is not ideal to eat thawed yogurt on its own, you can still use it for a variety of recipes such as cooked dishes, baked goods, and smoothies. 

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Can you freeze Greek yogurt?

You can freeze all kinds of yogurt including Greek yogurt. In fact, some brands of Greek yogurt have added gelatin and pectin which makes them better for freezing. If you want to know more about why Greek yogurt makes a great choice, check out this post. 

To freeze yogurt, the first thing you have to do is to portion them according to the recipes you plan to make in the future. This is the best way to make sure that you’ll only thaw what you need because refreezing dairy products, or any kind of food, is a big NO. 

Place your yogurt into airtight containers but remember to leave at least an inch of headspace so the yogurt can expand. If you have different amounts of yogurt in each container, add labels so you won’t be confused. 

If you can’t decide about the portions since you don’t have recipes in mind yet, you can freeze your leftover yogurt in ice cube trays instead. With this method, you can easily thaw small and exact amounts of yogurt you need in your recipe.

Can you freeze yogurt and eat it like ice cream?

Yes, and as mentioned above, you can also freeze yogurt for smoothies. Frozen yogurt is actually a healthier alternative to ice cream. 

So instead of freezing yogurt plainly, you might just want to turn them into yummy desserts. The whole family will surely love these sweet and refreshing treats!

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How long can you freeze yogurt?

According to the USDA, yogurt in a closed container is good in the refrigerator for one to two weeks. If stored in the freezer, it can last for up to one to two months. Before freezing do not forget to double check and ensure that it’s still not past its expiration date.  

The safest and the best way to defrost frozen yogurt is through the refrigerator. Make it a point to thaw it the night before you plan to use it. If your yogurt has developed any kind of microbial growth, slimy film, or an off smell, it’s best to toss it. 

Thawing yogurt at room temperature can be unsafe especially if it’s made of raw milk because it may contain dangerous E. coli bacteria. 

More Yogurt Recipes to Try!

If you have decided not to freeze your yogurt, you might want to give these recipes a try! These recipes call for fresh yogurt and are so easy to whip up. 

With these recipes, you will be able to make the most out of your yogurt before it spoils. Whether it’s breakfast bowls, desserts, dips, or side dishes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

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