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Weight Watchers Breakfast Under 5 Points

Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Points

Most individuals on the Weight Watchers program like to limit their breakfast and lunch to under 5 points each if possible. We have a listing of  Weight Watchers Breakfast Under 5 Points ideas that are perfect for helping you start your day satisfied and fueled, without guilt. Keeping your meals to under 5 points will give you the freedom to eat healthy and tasty snacks, as well as occasionally have a dessert treat.

Weight Watchers Breakfasts Under 5 Points

  •  Egg white omelet: 3 egg whites with a mix of fresh veggies cooked in a skillet with non stick cooking spray are hearty, delicious and easy to adapt to your favorite flavors.
  •  Non fat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. Plain nonfat yogurt with diced pineapple, honey and a spoon of granola.
  •  Fruit and yogurt smoothies. A frozen banana, a handful of berries, one container
  • Greek yogurt and a little unsweetened almond milk blend together for a great tasty breakfast drink.
  •  Evol Lean & Fit breakfast sandwiches. Most varieties are under 5 points per serving. Quick, easy and healthy.
  •  Banana Pancakes: Mix together eggs and mashed banana to create a new spin on a pancake. Alternately, use a basic pancake recipe, but skip the butter and syrup. Top with fresh fruit instead.
  • Turkey sausage and toast: One slice of toast with a piece of low fat turkey sausage is filling and hearty.
  •  Fat free muffins. Make your own using applesauce or bananas to sweeten, or buy in stores.
  •  Egg white English muffin sandwich. Scramble an egg white and place on a toasted whole wheat English muffin with a slice of turkey bacon and/or fat free cheese
  •  Granola Bar or Cereal Bar. Check individual brands for points, but Kashi &
  • Cascadian Farms both offer excellent flavors at under 5 points per bar.

These are just a handful of the many Weight Watchers breakfast under 5 points ideas that you can enjoy. Breakfast doesn’t just have to include traditional foods. It can also include things like sandwiches, salads or even leftover enchiladas. As long as you are accounting for your points each day, you can eat anything at any time you wish.

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  1. I use egg substitute 2 eggs equals 2 points 2 slices 35 calorie bread equals 2 points and a banana almond milk1 or. And ice smoothie that is 5 pots for a very satisfyingbreakfast