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WW Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

These guilt free WW Thanksgiving dessert recipes will allow you to enjoy your holiday feast to the fullest! Aside from being Weight Watchers friendly, these desserts are so  delicious — they will leave your guests wanting more.

Being on Weight Watchers does not mean that you have to skip the dessert table on Thanksgiving. You can indulge in these sweet treats without worrying about gaining weight or ruining your healthy diet.

These WW Thanksgiving dessert recipes are low in points, lighter, healthier, easy to make, and of course, filled with fall flavors. You also don’t have to worry if your guests are not on Weight Watchers because they’ll also surely love these yummy desserts!

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What do you eat for Thanksgiving on Weight Watchers?

You can still enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving dishes even if you’re following the Weight Watchers program. There are a lot of alternative Weight Watchers friendly Thanksgiving recipes that you can try!

Here, I’ll introduce some of the best WW Thanksgiving desserts that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. If you’re also looking for healthy side dishes to complete your holiday menu, you can also check out this WW Thanksgiving sides recipe collection.

If this is your first Thanksgiving while on Weight Watchers, this post for Weight Watchers PersonalPoints™ Thanksgiving Meal Tips is a must read!

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth on Weight Watchers?

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re on Weight Watchers, don’t worry! There are plenty of guilt free Weight Watchers desserts than you might think. 

First of all, you can give these WW Thanksgiving recipes a try. These recipes are all easy to whip up, you’ll love to make them all year round. 

If your sweet tooth is still not satisfied, here are more Weight Watchers dessert recipe roundups that you can check out:

WW Thanksgiving Desserts

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WW Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Low Point Desserts 

These Weight Watchers friendly dessert recipes won't disappoint! They're not only bursting with fall flavors and totally delicious but they are also low in Weight Watchers points as well!

Top Rated Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with these amazing WW dessert recipes! These dessert recipes are so good the whole family will love them for sure.

More WW Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

You also won’t want to miss these yummy dessert recipes! Aside from being Weight Watchers friendly, they're easy to make as well.

Looking for more Thanksgiving recipes?

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect WW Thanksgiving dessert recipes for your dessert table here. If you are still looking for more Weight Watchers friendly side dishes to complete your Thanksgiving menu, you can check out this fun roundup of WW Thanksgiving sides too! 

Preparing for your Thanksgiving feast can be stressful especially if you want to try new recipes to change things up a little bit. With that being said, I’ve also included more collections of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes below!

If you need help in preparing your turkey, these guide posts on How to Safely Thaw Turkey and How to Cook a Frozen Turkey might also help! 

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