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WW Thanksgiving Sides

These WW Thanksgiving sides are so delicious even those who are not on Weight Watchers will be impressed. If you are looking for healthy and Weight Watchers friendly side dish recipes to complete your Thanksgiving menu, you are at the right place!

I’ve compiled some of the best WW Thanksgiving sides so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with your favorite holiday side dishes without worrying about ruining your healthy diet and your myWW points.

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Keeping track of your Weight Watchers points on Thanksgiving can be hard. That’s why this post is here to help!

How many sides should you have at Thanksgiving?

The best way to decide on how many sides to serve on Thanksgiving is to know the number of your guests. If you’re having a large group, the more options, the better. 

For example, if you’ll only be celebrating with four people, four smaller batches of side dishes will suffice. For eight people, consider making five to six sides, and for   sixteen people aim for six up to eight sides. 

Planning for Thanksgiving can be stressful and overwhelming. Hopefully, this list of WW Thanksgiving sides will be able to help you especially in finalizing your holiday menu. 

If you are just starting to plan your menu, you’ll also love to check out this collection of Weight Watchers Thanksgiving Recipes for more meal options. From appetizers to main dishes, and desserts, this fun roundup of recipes will not disappoint.

What do you eat for Thanksgiving on Weight Watchers?

Worried about missing out on your favorite Thanksgiving sides because you’re currently on Weight Watchers? Fret no more! There are a lot more Weight Watchers friendly Thanksgiving side dishes than you might think. 

Below, you can find healthier versions of some traditional Thanksgiving side dishes including cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, stuffings, and a lot more. 

If you’re new to Weight Watchers, you can also check out this post about WW Thanksgiving Meal Tips to learn more!

Must Have Kitchen Tools For Making WW Thanksgiving Sides:

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You can take this chance to revamp your kitchen and do some restocking. These kitchen tools will not only come in handy in preparing your Thanksgiving menu but will level up your overall cooking experience as well. 

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WW Thanksgiving Sides

Best Weight Watchers Thanksgiving Sides

These sides will leave your guests wanting more! These recipes are oh so good, no one can tell they are actually healthier and Weight Watchers friendly too.

WW Starch Based Thanksgiving Side Recipes

A Thanksgiving meal will not be complete without the traditional starch based side dishes that everybody loves! Here are some Weight Watchers friendly potato and sweet potato recipes that you shouldn't miss!

More Weight Watchers Thanksgiving Side Dishes

To give you more options, here are more healthy WW side dishes that you can whip up on Thanksgiving without much muss and fuss. These recipes are not only easy to make but are crowd pleasers as well.

Looking for more Thanksgiving recipes?

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